About Us

Our Purpose

The National Association of Women in Construction is committed to encouraging individuals to pursue, establish and sustain successful careers in the Construction Industry through encouraging opportunities to access first-hand knowledge, share best practice, develop personal and professional skills and to grow professional networks.

We aim to promote the positives in the Construction Industry as a whole and to highlight the fantastic work carried out by professionals working within.

Our key targets are: A shift of focus from gender to ability. Levelling the playing field across the industry. Ending of stereotypes

To achieve this, our work focuses on: Supporting the development of members. Inspiring the young to look at the industry as a valid source for a future career. Reaching out to the entirety of our peers in order to deliver a real difference.


Founded in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1955, it emerged from a smaller network “Women in Construction of Fort Worth” wanting to expand. The group of women who were active in the industry and already in business with each other, had started the support network in 1953 looking to create a platform from which the female working in the industry could build their confidence and achieve their full potential. “We were women with electricity in our veins, cement dust on our shoes, sawdust on our minds … busy, busy, busy, filthy things. ” Alice Ashley, a founding member.

Over the last sixty (plus) years, it has developed into a global organisation with thousands of international affiliates operating in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK & Ireland.

NAWIC UK & Ireland was founded in 2003, after signing an international affiliation agreement.

NAWIC Yorkshire was founded in February 2022.